Wednesday, October 13, 2010

September is FULL of festivals in practically every Village.
They are basically mini Oktoberfests that are just a little bit closer than Munich!

I met up with a few friends and we ventured off to a local festival!
First stop was food and entertainment....
We had bratwursts and a few baguettes.
No pictures as we were busy eating!!!

We stopped here.....
All of the girls in the group got a braid.
Here is Lauren & Sarah's...
Then off to the rides!
I love these festivals!!

Soon it will be Weihnachtsmarkt season which I LOVE!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkins & more....

We went to a pumpkin patch today so the kids could pick out their pumpkins.
We arrived just in time to take a ride up to the family farm.....
There were all kinds of animals to pet.....

...and hold, catch, chase
Ian was so excited when another tractor drove by....
Here are the kids before I set them free in the pumpkin patch....
And they are off...
Does this pumpkin patch look a little strange??
Notice that slope??
Well, It was pretty steep!
I put a pumpkin down to take a picture of Ian
and it began to roll VERY quickly!
Yes, I took my almost 2 year old out with an out of control pumpkin.
No picture of him laying on the ground, but here he is soon after!
Ian found a hole as we were lugging the pumpkins up to the scale
and thought it was a great place to sit!
...and our final stop before heading home