Saturday, April 24, 2010

On our last day of Spring Break......

We visited the Potzberg Wildpark on April 16. The kids really love going and it was a beautiful day. The goats are always a hit and happen to be the first stop along the path. The older kids were in with the goats, but Jacque and Ian just fed them through the fence. Goats are always a little pushy, but today they were exceptionally pushy!! I think they were hungry since we were the first visitors feeding them!!
Next stop were the horses.
The colt was less than 24 hours old!
As we were heading down the path we saw a peacock showing off his feathers. He was doing a little dance and then........ it was like he knew I was going for my camera!

Here he is acting all innocent!
Sarah was VERY prepared to feed more horses and deer....

Ate lunch at here.....beautiful and peaceful up here!
This is the backside of the castle.
Colton's JROTC Ball was also held here.
Our day ended back at the playground over by the goats.
The kids had a great time playing with each other.

Great ending to a wonderful day!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Not an ordinary wall....

My husband is stationed in Baumholder which happens to be one of Hitler's old training grounds. This is a closeup of one of the buildings that is currently being renovated.

Well, here it is a little closer....
Do you see it now?

I had heard that there was a swastika on one of the buildings, but I have to admit that I was looking for something more like this....
It took a couple of trips around the building and then my husband asking one of the German construction workers where it was located before we found it. I just assumed it would be painted on, but instead it is a little more permanent!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I love surprises!

My husband left for training almost 4 weeks ago just before our 11th anniversary which was April 8th. This is the 3rd anniversary IN A ROW that he has missed (2 while deployed to Iraq and now Grafenwoehr). I guess it comes with the territory:)

Anyway, he is very thoughtful and wanted to surprise me with a little gift while he was away that he knew I'd been wanting, but probably wouldn't just order myself (and he'd be right). He went to all the trouble of having someone else place the order so I wouldn't see the charges to our bank account or possibly pick it up from the post office before he could get there since I seem to be obsessive about checking the mail!

He is horrible about keeping gifts a secret so he was doing awesome so far because I had no idea. He had a plan to hide it and then send me on a little "treasure hunt" until........the package arrived! So, what does he do???

Gave it to me as soon as he gets home!!!
I love it!
He knew I had been checking out this French handmade rolling pin on Etsy. This was a real surprise because I didn't even think he knew what Etsy was...sorry Babe:)

I love're the best!