Thursday, December 30, 2010

Smoothy mess = upgraded surprise

I've been wanting an upgraded camera for a while now, but just couldn't justify purchasing one since I had a perfectly good camera. I finally have a NEED for one thanks to Jacque! I had been taking pictures not too long ago. I sat my camera down in the kitchen while I was making a smoothy (mistake #1). I had just put all of the ingredients away (mistake #2 turning back on 4 yr old) when I hear the blender turn on.....yes, Jacque turned it on without the lid. There was a mess everywhere including all over my camera. I cleaned it up as much as I could and it worked ok for a little while, well until now. It is practically impossible to turn the camera on....grrr!

My husband bought me this last night.......

The Canon 60D!

I LOVE it even though it is more camera that I even know how to use right now! I preordered a book last night that will hopefully help me get the most use out of this camera.
THANK YOU are the best!

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