Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fairytale castle....

*picture borrowed from the Neuschwanstein website

On day 2, we drove to Neuschwanstein which was about 45 minutes from Edelweiss. This castle belonged to King Ludwig II. There is more info on his interesting life on the website link. The drive took us through Austria and then back into Germany. The path to the castle began in the village of Hohenschwangau.

Does this castle look like a familiar place??....possibly the Disney castle??
Here is a zoomed in view from where we parked.

Tour tickets are purchased in Hohenschwangau and then there is about a 30 minute hike up the mountain to where the castle is nestled. Today was a rainy and chilly day so we decided to take the horse and buggy ride up so we didn't get quite so wet.

Here is Sarah being silly at one of the phone booths by the Information center. My Mom started the phone booth frenzy when she had to get a picture inside a phone booth in Trier. So now we take the "phone booth shot" to make everyone happy.

We caught the next buggy and up we went!

We still had a little bit of a hike when our buggy ride ended. Never fear.....there was a little cart making cream cheese balls in case anyone was hungry. They look like big doughnut holes. We gave in and everyone tried one....well maybe 2 because trying 1 made us want another! They were delicious!!!! The lady was frying them on the spot and then sprinkling with powdered sugar when they were ready. We HAD to stop again on the way down the mountain too!

We toured the castle which was amazing on the inside. We were not able to take pictures of the interior, but were able to take pictures out the windows of the rooms we toured.
How would you like this view???

....some random pictures of the castle

This was a wonderful day despite the weather!
Tomorrow we are going somewhere near Munich......


Jupiter Family said...
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Pam said...

That looks so much like the Disney castle - was that the inspiration? What an amazing adventure - so beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Yes, this was supposed to be the inspiration for Disney.

Stampmouse said...

wow jealous and in awes what a great place to be