Thursday, December 31, 2009

My accomplishments for 2009....

2009 has been a great year!

I decided to sit down today and think about things that I've accomplished this year. It is very possible I left a few things off, after all, I was attempting to actually "think" about the past year while my children thought that seemed like the BEST time to talk to me, ask me questions, etc....

These are in no particular order.......
  • Survived my Husband's deployment to Iraq....much too long!
  • Cared for 5 fantastic kiddos!
  • Started a Blog....yeah!
  • Met a lot of interesting new friends
  • Began crocheting....still working on 1st project though!
  • Landed a teaching position with DOD (Department of Defense)
  • Expanded my cooking skills
  • Walked around the Roman baths in Trier
  • Visited Keukenhoff Gardens
  • Learned more of the German language
  • Went Polish pottery shopping with friends in Poland
  • Had a semi-successful terrace vegetable garden
  • Toured Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam
  • Got a speeding ticket on the Autobahn....turns out there is a speed limit in some areas (113 km in a 100 km zone - that's about 8 mph
  • Visited 7 countries (France, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, and Poland)
  • Went to the first Concentration Camp....Dachau
  • Designed and created almost 200 New Year's Eve invites for the Battalion party
  • Bicycled in Volendam
  • Visited more castles than I could possibly list!
  • Witnessed each of my children grow another year older with their accomplishments
  • Amazingly, did not crash when sliding on the ice around a corner with all of the kids.
  • Cruised the beautiful Rhein River
  • Donated some boxes of clutter that I really needed to get rid of a long time ago!
  • Finished some volunteer commitments: OCC (Overseas Committee Chair) for Girl Scouts, Tours and Activities Chair for the BCSC (Baumholder Community Spouses Club), and special activities for my daughters' GS Troop
  • Continued to volunteer as FRG (Family Readiness Group) Co-Leader
  • Enjoyed everyday with my family!!!!
I'm looking forward to 2010!!
Happy New Year!

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Pam said...

What a beautiful list of accomplishments! I may have to sit down to see if I've done anything....
Happy New YEar!