Sunday, January 2, 2011

Next port Piraeus (Athens).....

Our next stop was Athens, Greece!
Today we visited the modern day Olympic stadium....
very different than the ancient stadium we visited yesterday!
**If you look closely you'll be able to see the rings just above Colton's head.

.....leading us to the next stop
and up to the Parthenon....
One of the first things that we noticed as we were walking up the trail to the Parthenon were the stray dogs EVERYWHERE (here are just a few)! Now, try to keep 5 animal loving kids away from these dogs was quite the challenge to say the least!!!!
On our way back to the port we drove past a Sunday street market. It was packed, went for MANY blocks, and did I mention packed??
Minor traffic jam!
Is there a problem making a left turn from the right lane while cutting off 2 more cars????...Apparently not for this driver!
Thought this spice shop looked interesting...
Goodbye Athens!

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Stampmouse said...

wow what an education. how sad about the dogs. I have heard in many cities there wre a lot of cats but not dogs.