Tuesday, January 4, 2011


There was a BINGO game everyday on the ship and I could not resist since the prize was very enticing!! If you were to get BINGO in the first 40 numbers called the prize was 3,000 Euros!!!! That sounded really good to me so I drug my husband up to Club 33 for a game of BINGO.

I was so excited that I called BINGO in like 15 numbers which is IMPOSSIBLE if you understand the rules to the game which apparently were lost in translation as they were explained in like 6 languages! I was embarrassed when I realized that the entire card had to be filled in order to win rather than the row that I had on my card!

So we continued to play....and what do you know?? I called BINGO again! Everyone kind of looked at me like really?? So I did what any good wife would do.....sent my husband up to verify the card was a winner:) Thank goodness it was because I would have never lived that one down!! We won 210 Euro which was super exciting!

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Lisa said...

I am officially green with envy! A new camera and Greece! I'll get there some day... Love the pics of all the ruins. The cruise sounds like fun too.