Sunday, June 5, 2011

How I got 2 boys to sleep peacefully!

Now I know what it takes to get Jacque and Ian sound asleep!!!
Here are the steps that I used in case you have little ones that keep going and going and going like I do.
1. Go to Wildpark (see details HERE)
2. Stay there for 4 hours and don't carry the little ones or give any stroller rides what so ever!
3. Feed them Hello Kitty popsicles...sugar them right as you are leaving!
4. Buckle them first:)
Popsicle stick in mouth probably not so safe!
5. ENJOY the silence in 3 minutes tops as you drive home
6. Maybe even park for a while and enjoy the silence even more before driving all the way home because you will fail as you try very carefully to remove them from their car seats and carry them into the house without waking them up!!

Here is what my peace and quiet looked like yesterday!

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Stampmouse said...

ahhhh so cute. whatever works to tire them out is a good thing