Saturday, June 4, 2011

Interesting day at the Wildpark!

To say I really enjoy living in Germany would probably be an understatement! We will soon be moving back to the states (less than a month to be more precise) and we visited one of the places that the kids love today.
As it turned out, there was also a Native American event today!
*This is quite strange to me since we live in a country where we are supposed to "blend" in with the locals as much as possible. This is the first event we've been to that had anything to do with the country WE are from.*
Not sure what was going on with this outfit!
There were plenty of animal skins to intrigue the kids....
Horse rides surely made their day.....
This colt didn't leave mom's side!
Archery.....big hit too!
Even fetching the arrows was fun...
Why are toys not as fun to fetch????
We were thirsty and needed a rest after all of this excitement!
We walked around the park and fed the animals!
I love that the kids can be "with" the animals rather than through a fence.
We will miss this place!


Jacque said...

I wonder why Sarah told me she doesn't want to leave Germany.

Stampmouse said...

looks like a fun place