Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mission complete for the egg hunt!

Today was the first day of Spring so it only seemed fitting to go to an Ostereier-markte! What is this?? Easter Egg market. Kloster Eberbach am Rhein near Eltville hosts its annual International Rheingau Easter market. The halls of the former Cistercian monastery near Eltville am Rhein, famous as the site of the movie “The Name of the Rose,” will hold more than 75 exhibitors from 10 countries showing off their imagination and techniques for decorating eggs.

I have a tree that I keep up all year in my dining room that I like to decorate each season. I've collected a few eggs for the tree since we've been in Germany but really wanted to purchase enough to finish the tree off since this will be our last market in least for a while!

We did have a little trouble finding the market!! It helps to be on the correct side of the river which we were NOT. I did get to try out my German skills when asking for help! Luckily we met a woman who spoke very good English and she explained that we had to take the ferry across to the other side.
...ferry schedule
Driving onto the ferry....
Our ride across the river which felt like we were spinning in circles!
As it turned out, it wasn't quite as easy to find the market once we were on the other side!
It was beautiful once we found our way.
The gate as we were entering the monastery grounds.....
Had a great much in fact that I barely got any pictures on the inside...gasp!!
The artists here have AMAZING talent....
We ate at a DELICIOUS German restaurant that was just up the hill from the market.
I want to go back and take my husband!!!


Stampmouse said...

WOW those eggs are gorgeous. I remember as a child my grandma making those type of eggs but she never tought me nor did our side of the family get any when she was gone. you are so lucky to be there and get some authentic ones.

Pam said...

Those eggs are amazing! I think it was worth all the extra trouble to buy them -- what a lifelong memory for the kids!

BTW: Had to chuckle at your comment on my tin can lanterns. I did that project as a girl scout about a million years ago -that's where I got the idea!

Have a lovely weekend!