Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Animals galore!

We have Wild Parks and zoos here in Germany. The kids really enjoy the Wild Parks because the majority of animals are free roaming which means you are "with" the animals. Last Saturday the kids and I ventured out to the Freisen Wildpark for an exciting afternoon.
The deer and pigs immediately greeted us....

Then this guy showed up....
He would sneak up and do whatever he had to do to get the bag of food!
Yes, he is hitting Colton with his antlers!
So we tried to escape him but he followed....chased.... us down for quite a while!
We did manage to dodge him so we could walk in peace.
Down the path we walked.....
The kids found a couple of kangaroos with a special surprise!
How CUTE!!
Jacque & Ian had fun throwing rocks into the water....
Hey, what's that?
Pretty soon it felt like we are in a scene friom Jurassic Park!
Seriously, the herds came running across this field and it was loud, fast, and I missed getting a picture of it all because I was making sure we were out of their way!

This guy stopped to check us out!
See the little piglets in the background?
The kids had fun feeding them branches....
Jacque really wanted to feed the deer but was scared they would bite his hand.
He'd drop the pieces of corn before the deer could lick them off.
Finally convinced him to hold his hand out flat.....
Yes, a SUCCESS!!!
This guy was not quite as friendly!
I think we will need to go back:)


Lisa said...

I would love to visit that place! Too cool!

Stampmouse said...

now that is a fun wild park adventure.