Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dinner with a purpose....

Last night I enjoyed a "grown up" dinner with 2 friends at Il Capprecio. It is absolutely delicious!!! The 3 of us (and all of our kids....11 to be exact) are going to Spain for a week in a couple of weeks and we decided to plan our daily itinerary over dinner.
My friends convinced me that I should try one of the appetizers that they ordered....uhmm "no thanks" was my reply.

I eventually caved in to the peer pressure and tried escargo for the first time.....
....and it was good once I got past thinking about the slimy snails before they were cooked:)

We accomplished a lot at our dinner planning date.
We have a LOT of places to visit and I am REALLY looking forward to this trip!
We even worked in an evening dinner and Flamenco show just for the adults...
More to come after our trip!

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