Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First Hair Cut and Pay it Forward

Mickey's Barber shop used to be regular stop when we lived in Florida. It has been around for what seems like forever. It is not fancy, but has friendly barbers that give great haircuts! We had to stop by so Ian could get his first haircut at Mickey's.

He did quite well.......well, the lollipop may have helped!
Mickey is such a nice guy that he didn't charge us for Ian's haircut. As we were leaving, a kid came in to get his haircut for his graduation that evening. He asked if they take credit cards. They don't, so the kid was going to leave. Mike, Mickey's son and also a barber, told him he could just bring the money back later and he'd cut his hair now so it was done for graduation. The kid said he would be charged a fee ($1.50) at the ATM machine and he didn't want to pay so he was just going to leave. So, my husband gave the kid the $10 he was going to use to pay for Ian's haircut and said consider it a graduation present. The look on the kid's face was PRICELESS!

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Pam said...

LOVE IT! What a sweet thing to do! I think we should all be looking out for pay it forward moments!