Thursday, July 22, 2010

My husband can't resist hot boiled peanuts!
We stopped at a roadside stand to get a couple of bags.
Colton and JC placed their orders.....
We just can't get these in Germany!
They were DELICIOUS.


Pam said...

Hey - how come I've never had a hot boiled peanut? Is it something sugar coated? Or just a regular nut? Whichever it sounds yummy!

Jennifer said...

Pam-They are regular green peanuts that are then basically cooked in hot water until they are soft with salt added.....they are oh so yummy!! There are also flavored son got the Cajun spiced peanuts at this stop. I stick to the regular:) They sell them out of crockpots in some places or big barrels like the place we stopped. I used to eat these all of the time back home!