Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy VERY BELATED 4th of July!

We usually spend the day at a festival at one of the local bases, but not this year! We spent the day relaxing, went to dinner INSIDE Chilis which is a real treat if you were to ask the kids, and then ventured off to the fireworks display around 10:30 at Baumholder.

It was GREAT!!!! It has been like 95 degrees here lately and there is NO air conditioning so it has been miserable (to say the least). Skipping the daytime festivities was nice for a change....less cranky kiddos (always a plus!).

Fun piggyback rides were going on......
However, it was still impossible to get all of the kids in one picture AND look at the camera AND smile! Really, it was just asking too much! So, here is what we got......

I'm out of here!
....come back Ian!
The fireworks and music were fantastic!
I'd say this was a wonderful 4th of July!!

The video below was filmed by my 8 year old Sarah (has camera around her neck in picture above). There is some commentary and at times she thought it would be fun to have the camera dance to the music....enjoy:)

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Pam said...

So beautiful~!