Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I have to admit that I've done a lot of complaining about laundry since we moved to Germany. Why??? Well, not only are the washers and dryers half the size of American models, but it takes 2 hours to wash and at least 2 hours to dry....min 4 hours for one load!! Take a family of 7 and that equals non stop washing. I also have to empty a long heavy tray filled with water after each load is dried because the dryer sucks the water out instead of evaporating it!

However, 4 hours and a little water dumping seems piddly compared to this village's washing facilities. As we continued down the trail we came across the laundry house.

The machines are run from this....

...which is burned in this oven located in a room next to the machines
The cool thing about this museum is everything is actually running the same way it did back in the day. They are burning the coals which heats the water and runs the machines. You could see the steam rising off the water that was running through the washers!
Look closely and you can see it.

You could hear the huge belts spinning to keep the machines running.....very loud in there!

The clothes were hung upstairs to dry. There was a track that went around the perimeter of the room that helped dry the clothes a little quicker.

The steps going upstairs were STEEP and were extremely narrow! It was kind of scary getting back down so the kids went down on their bottoms until they were about half way down. The picture doesn't really do them justice. Can't imagine going down carrying a basket of clothes!
I guess 4 hours isn't so bad after all!....This is one of the few things I won't miss when we move back to the US!


Andrea said...


Won't happen. Even with better facilities, it still dominates my life. I can't wait to hear my mom moan and groan about it next month ;)

Proud Mom said...

Okay - how come Germans can build Mercedes Benz cars but not a washing machine? (Is it because men don't do laundry???-- Hmmm....okay I'll stop being snippy now...) Very interesting museum - I thought laundry was bad now days, but back then -- MISERY! Thanks for sharing!