Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We actually tried it!

Proud Mom was correct! Our next journey began at the Zuiderzeemuseum with a ferry ride over to the Buitenmuseum (outdoor) in the old town of Enkhuizen! This was about 40 minutes north of where we stayed in Volendam and was well worth the drive.

The economy in the town of Enkhuizen went downhill when access to the North Sea was blocked in 1932 by the construction of a dam. This town is now the location of the museum and depicts seven centuries of history.

We got off and began hiking on a trail leading to an old fisherman's house.

It was a nice walk to the end where we saw these fish hanging out to dry.

It smelled really good down here because of the wood chips burning in here.

Herring was being smoked in this little smoke house.

So, we all shared one. Here is our beauty!

All we had to do was pick out the meat and lots of these!

A little went to the ducks.
Another food that is very popular in this area is smoked eel so we had to try one too! It was surprisingly pretty good. We had to ask how to eat it though....we were told, "Tear the head off and peel the skin and then eat it like corn on the cob." So we did!

After all of this eating we had to wash our hands. Very sanitary wouldn't you say???

There was a very small house here where the fisherman lived with his 7 children. It was a tight squeeze for sure! Inside the house were these:

Which they put into the nets to catch fish.

Stay tuned.....


Prim's by Kim said...

Wow! You all are so lucky to do such fun things =D

Proud Mom said...

What an amazing experience! And you were very brave to eat the smoked herring and eel. (Not sure if I would have tried it or not, but I KNOW my son wouldn't have! Kudos to your girls!) What a fun vacation I'm having alongside you!

Andrea said...

YOU are brave. I'm not sure I would be so adventurous! It looks like you had great weather there! How are you?