Sunday, June 28, 2009

What's with these faces??

It has become almost impossible to get pictures of Jacque smiling "nicely"....I guess because he is 2 1/2 and making faces seems like A LOT of fun! We went to Burg Nanstein yesterday and this was my attempt to get a picture of Jacque. Trust me, all of the other pictures turned out the same exact way!

Here are some pretty flowers at the castle.

I wish this picture had not come out blurry!
Ian was clapping for himself...really cute.

What a beautiful view!


Andrea said...

Nice-and close! Are you enjoying the toasty weather?

Jennifer said...

It has been NICE! We went to Burg Eltz today and the river has warmed up a tiny bit....our skin wasn't pink this time!

Proud Mom said...

Beautiful shots - I think the funny faces are adorable and are definitely keepers! (In fact I wish I had more - no smiling pics of my son when he was little -- those are the ones you really appreciate years later!)

Jennifer said...

I much as we try to get the smiling ones we LOVE the faces too! We will treasure them and laugh about them later:)