Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What to do on a Sunday in Germany??

Sundays are truly a day of rest for Germans. There is NO shopping going on....no groceries, no clothing, no nothing! The only thing open for a portion of the day are gas stations. These are not the mega stations like in the states. Instead, these are tiny stations that are few and far between. Oh...there is NO pay at the pump. This took a bit of getting used to when we moved, but now we are Germanized:)

Anyway, this weekend there was a Medieval Fest at the Burg Lichtenburg castle which is about 10 minutes from our house. This castle is in ruins, but is REALLY cool for the kids! There is a rather nice restaurant in an old room of the castle (not one we would take the kids) and a youth hostile for overnight stays. This year's bridging ceremony for Girl Scouts was held here and it was wonderful!!

Everyone climbed to the top of this tower.

Here is the beautiful view from the top.

Must have been REALLY short! Check out this doorway.

The girls each made a bracelet.

Here are a few things that were on sale!

There were some glass pens for the kids to use!

And of course there was good food, music, and costumes galore!

Soooo comfy!

This is one of our favorite foods to get at festivals...flammkuchen

As we were leaving Colton was asked to go move a lamb that had escaped into the horse area. Here he is as he was just about to put it on the ground. All he could say afterwards was how "cushy" they are with all of that wool!


Proud Mom said...

What an amazing experience! I wish I could have tagged along with you! Thanks for the great shots so we can experience it too!

Jennifer said...

Thanks! Let me know if you are in Europe again in the next few years:)