Saturday, August 15, 2009

Awesome slide park!

We went to the AWESOME Sommer Rodelbahn today!! This was actually our second trip, but the first time it started pouring down rain half way there. However, today was a beautiful day with no rain in sight so we packed up the kids and headed to this outdoor park....we WILL be going back!!!!

Here is the one and only building which houses the restaurant with a bier garten outside.

Our first stop was at the much anticipated trampolines! Of course these trampolines had a special hook up so you could jump REALLY high and do lots of flips!!

Check out the air time!

...and Ian had fun watching and chewing on that toy!

The next stop involved a really high slide that required a lift!!!....more to come:)

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Proud Mom said...

Looks SOOOOO fun to watch, but I'm sure I'd lose my lunch if I tried that flip! Love the slow shutter blurry hair - great shot!