Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sweet nap time.....not today!

Nap time is a time I look forward to each day. Everything is usually peaceful and quiet for a little while. Jacque, my 2 1/2 year old, wakes up in such a sweet and cheerful mood. He really needs this time everyday because he gets grumpy and it becomes very obvious that it IS nap time!

His bedroom is upstairs which seems normal. What isn't normal are the way these German houses are made. EVERY wall and floor is made of cement. Yes, the ceiling of the basement, main floor, and upstairs to the full attic are cement. They build these house to last for many generations. There is no wood framing in the house which makes it difficult to hang things, but that is a different story. Why am I mentioning this little detail?...It also creates a sound barrier!

So, my sweet little boy woke up from his nap today and went into the bathroom upstairs. Seems normal except for the fact that he did a little decorating with my nail polish. I love hot pink toes and he had very carefully watched me paint them yesterday.

As he came downstairs form his nap I could smell polish. In fact, the closer he came the stronger the odor!
This is what he was busy doing!
I'm wondering how long he was working on his little project?

Not a nail was overlooked!
Very detailed.....I guess I could say he colored in most of the lines.

I went to the bathroom to see the rest of his work!

I have to add that he was quit proud of his accomplishments...I was not! The polish was put away where he should not have been able to get into it...of course the stool he carefully brought in gave him that little extra help he needed to grab it.

Lesson learned: NEVER ever let your kids see you do something, no matter how big or small, that you wouldn't want them to use their ever increasing independence to do themselves!


Sherry said...

Love the nails, My little one copies everything I do too, I often find her trying to put on my make up :)! Yes it is a SMALL world. Thanks for stopping by my blog, feel free to anytime! And I love the fact that I started Kids in the Kitchen, it has been a great thing for us!

Lisa said...

What a mess! Hope you got the polish off the sink! I bet he is too cute with his painted nails though!

Jacque said...

I personally don't think he is too cute!! Just kidding but I did tell him that it is for girls not boys.

Proud Mom said...

Glad you took the pictures so you can use them to blackmail him when he's a teenager! He actually did a pretty good job too!