Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fast, Fun, & Scary!!

After the trampolines, we went over to the rodelbahn. You sit in a "bob" as it takes you all the way up to the top of Peter Mountain....584 Meters to be exact! Here is a view from the valley as the bobs are heading to the top for the sliding adventure to begin.

The speed for each bob is controlled by a hand brake on both sides. I wasn't too worried when we purchased our tickets.....I mean you only have to be 8 to drive one by yourself! I should have remembered that ride safety in Europe is not exactly what you'd expect. I was standing on the side waiting for everyone to ride by when I see a teenager coming to the end WITHOUT breaking!!! She hit the bob in front of her and was ejected onto the track in front of her as her bob went the opposite direction. Luckily, she jumped off the track before it came back and plowed into her. I now know there are NO seat belts and am beginning to get worried. What do I do?....yell at my kids as they are riding by to make sure they use the break...they are smiling and looking at me like we know.

Here is Lauren on her way up. See that girl wearing all black in the background? That is the one who somehow forgot to break!!

Colton & Sarah...

Then the journey begins back down the mountain through the wooded area. There are 15 turns and I thought we were going to fall over the edge as our bob slid up the side every single time!

It was FAST, FUN, and totally SCARY all at the same time.

See that guy tailgating me?
He rode my bob the entire way down!!!

Our next slide excitement involved 3 very different slides and no bob!


Proud Mom said...

Oh my you are brave! I can see why you'd be nervous about that, but what a fun memory!

Proud Mom said...
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The Mom said...

We had one of these up in Winter Park Colorado. It was really cool, I wish we would go back!

We got your cards in the mail the other day! I LOVE them, thank you so much for thinking of us! The girls swiped all the ones for the kids, my 5 year old wrote all over hers right away, I was so mad that she "wasted" them. Silly Mom, she just taped it to her wall and it looks beautiful!
Thanks again!