Thursday, August 6, 2009

Check out this giveaway!

How would you like to win a really awesome shopping bag?? I know I'd like a new bag for my collection. Most shopping bags tend to be a little blah so I was really excited when I saw THIS giveaway over at My Litter! She is giving away the cutest bag with a cupcake pattern and reversible polka dots. Oh, and the best part is that the bag is full of Kashi products.

Check out the goodies!
**picture borrowed from Tiffany's blog**

I have to admit that I really didn't use shopping bags until we moved to Germany.....gasp! I know I'm a little behind the trend to conserve the environment by not using those nasty plastic bags! However, shopping bags are a must have over here because stores don't provide bags!! Yes, you read that correctly...not even at the grocery store. So, you can see how bags are a necessity. I've been collecting shopping bags over the last year so I can actually walk out of a store without trying to balance everything in a big stack AND get it into the trunk without it crashing to the ground. Or better yet, have 4 of my children walking out with a big stack too...and not dropping it. I also don't want to look like an idiot and I am trying to be "greener" so I've come to love reusable shopping bags!

I think stores in the US should consider ending the plastic AND paper bags that are handed out for FREE everyday. How do you think this would go over????


Lisa said...

Love that shopping bag! I have quite a few in my car, which is usually whee they stay while I shop. Then I remember them when I'm ready to check out. Maybe if our stores would quit providing them then I'd remember more often!

Proud Mom said...

I try to remember my bags too, but lots of times I forget them in the car. Interesting that they won't give you one in Germany! Thanks for the giveaway tip!

Andrea said...

Cute! I will check that out! Speaking of shopping you happen to have a canvas tote with black detail? I used to have it in my car, but I can't find it lately. I thought maybe that I lent it to you maybe?

Nice catching up with you today! :)

Jennifer said...

Yes, I have your bag! I borrowed it the day we came back from Metz.