Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crochet Roll

I recently started crocheting after taking a class at the Arts & Craft Center on post. Anyway, like everything else I do, I'm already planning other projects even though I'm not even close to finishing the one I'm working on. Needless to say, I have started building my crochet hook collection for these future projects.....must be prepared!

I was very excited when I found Lisa's blog over at The Princess & the Monkey. I saw a picture of a crochet roll that she had created to hold her hooks and other supplies. I loved it and immediately emailed her asking if she would sell one to me! Obviously, she said YES:)

Here is the inside:

She did a wonderful job picking out the fabric for my roll....has all of my favorites! She also created it in record the day after I emailed her with the colors I like!!! There is a snap closure to hold it all together. This package came all the way from Sydney, Australia and was delivered very quickly...considering how long it seems to take mail coming from the US. I think the trick is to have it sent to my German address!

A view of the back.


Proud Mom said...

Too Cute! I may have to look into something like that now that I've taken up knitting (well sorta...);-)

Lisa said...

Glad you liked it!