Monday, May 4, 2009

Kid's Mail Swap

I've recently signed my daughters up for a swap....never too young for a swap! You can check it out HERE. They will each be sending 5 postcards to 5 different kids around the world. I think this project is a great way for them to decide what they should write in a limited amount of space. We are sending postcards because they will have a nice picture of Germany on them and it is something they can pick out themselves at the store. Who knows...maybe they will get a pen pal out of this!

I have a large world map that is made of fabric that we will use to display the cards/letters that they receive. We'll attach them around the map with a piece of yarn connected to the appropriate place they were sent form.. I'll update after their swap is complete.

Sound interesting?? The deadline to sign up is May 11th.


Proud Mom said...

What a fun idea! Hope you'll show a picture of your map when the swap is over.

Andrea said...

Cute idea! I'm coming over soon to enjoy your outdoor area and to see your new crafts, m'kay?