Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Now I know....

...where the bandaids disappear to!

Nap time is a time I look forward to every day. It is a time where the house is peaceful and I can spend a little time doing something I'd like to do without helpful hands. Jacque has been up for the last 2 days at 5:00...yes A.M. thanks to the early sunrises in Germany. Anyone who knows me knows that I am NOT a morning person so this is not starting the day off very well! One would assume that he would nap exceptionally well right?? No, he actually hasn't napped for 2 days which is VERY unusual.

Today I hear little footsteps coming down the stairs, while he was supposed to be napping, and then a little voice mumbling something from across the room. I ask him to come over and he then looks at me with the sweetest little face and the cutest explanation about what has happened to him.

Can you just see the concern in that sweet face???? He then rubs his arm where he has layered the bandaids and says, "this hurts really bad Mom."

I ask him what has happened and he says that the airplanes did it. I then start laughing because he was just sooo serious and cute...then he started laughing.

NOTE: There was nothing under the layers of bandaids except a healthy arm!

Mystery solved!

Next time I will resist the urge to laugh. This is how I found him a little while later!

Yes, that is a bandaid on his pants too!


Jacque said...

That's cute I would have laughed also. I see I have some work cut out for me when I get home! LOL I love you Babe.

Proud Mom said...

Does that mean you've got a future doctor there? He is SO adorable and I just love those pics - they will be lifetime keepers!

Andrea said...

Ha! He does look pretty cute!!
It never amazes me the trouble that a two-year-old can get himself into! Logan reminds me of that everyday. did you do the cute header...and the signature??? I want one!!!

Jacque said...

I just read it again and it is just too funny. I can't wait to come home. Less than two weeks now!!! I love you.

Jacque said...

I also love your header and signature I think it really makes the page "pop."