Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kid's Mail Swap #2 Update

pigeon pair: Kid's Mail Swap
My daughters' mail has officially been sent out...took 30 minutes at the post office filling out all of the little customs forms because the envelopes had bubble wrap on the inside.....I had to tell myself that it will be worth it for them!! They each have 5 partners that are located in various places in Australia, UK, New Zealand, and 2 in the USA. They picked out their own postcards and of course had to choose 5 different ones for each of their partners (total of 10 cards) which was not an easy task! They decided to type their letters instead of handwriting. I justified this because they did write out their rough drafts before typing.....this is the technology age right?? They also wanted to include a miniature book that is a familiar story, but written in German (Hansel & Gretel, 3 Little Pigs, Cinderella, & Pinocchio).

They are very excited to begin receiving their mail. I'll post an update after their swap is complete with a picture of how their mail is displayed.


The Mom said...

Hey, if this is available again how do I get my kids in on it???

nadia said...

Hi Jennifer, Nadia here from - just to thank you for taking part in my May giveaway and to let you know that after putting everyone's name in a bowl and pulling one out at random, the bag is now yours!

please get in touch ( to let me know your name/address so that I can get this posted to you!

Thanks for playing!