Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I can stop stalking the CMR!

The reason for the stalking:

I joined a Mother's Day Swap that was hosted by Confessions of a Moody Mommy a while back. The idea was to receive the package before Mother's Day and as you can guess from my title this didn't work out as planned. For some reason mail that I send out arrives at its destination in a much more timely manner than mail that I receive....well not always, but the majority of the time.

I was waiting at the counter today for the clerk to go fetch my box off one of the many full shelves at the CMR and was very excited when I saw the box had "Office Depot" on the side! Why?....because that means I didn't order it and my Mom's packages usually come in Priority boxes so it was a good chance this was the package I've been stalking them for and it was. The clerk laughed at me when he saw how excited I was to be getting this particular box. I soon realized why the box took soooooo long to arrive as I was walking out of the CMR.
Here is the explanation:

No, that is not someone's name! These 3 little letters (SAM) mean SA-LOW in the mailing world! They stand for Space Available Mail...pretty self explanatory when it is spelled out.

Here are the nicely wrapped presents and card that I found inside of the box:

I of course I ripped open the packages and found 3 lovely gifts. I first opened a cute pair of earrings that are in the shape of starfish. I then opened a very pretty candle that has a unique shape. And finally, I opened the largest of the 3 packages to find a MUCH needed heated neck massager. And like a little kid I opened the card last. I can never prompt my kids again to open cards first because I couldn't even do it myself in all of the excitement!
Here are my wonderful presents:

The card (see above) was very cute and has actually given me some ideas to create some handmade cards as gift sets. I have a stamp that is very similar and rarely used so I think it is time to brush the dust off and add some pretty ink!

THANK YOU very much Christina! Here is her blog if you'd like to check it out....she has a great sense of humor which comes out in her blog posts! I'm glad you were my partner this year!


Proud Mom said...

There's nothing more fun than a big box of presents! Yay for you - those gifts look great! (And that IS a cute card! - can't wait to see how you case it!)

Christina said...

WOO-HOO!!! I am so glad you finally received your package! I was starting to get a little worried.

I hope you enjoy everything and would love to see how the cards turn out.