Monday, July 6, 2009

...and off they flew

My husband is still on his 30 day post deployment leave and wanted to take some time to go back to Florida to see family. We would have liked for the entire family to go, but purchasing tickets was out of the question for seven......astronomical price....around $8,000 for a week!!! So, we opted not to purchase tickets and took the Space A option. We also decided that just my husband and Jacque (2 1/2) would go since it would be easier to get 2 seats instead of 7.

He left yesterday morning for the local Air Base in hopes of catching a flight. You just never know if you will get a seat or not so our fingers were crossed. It worked out and they filled 2 of the 17 available seats.

They were able to fly on a military plane which is really cool for kids! They are not confined to a single seat and can move around to play. Plus the seats are attached to the side of the plane....again super cool for a kid. Jacque had fun playing with the other kids and my husband didn't have to worry about keeping him super quiet....I like this feature:)

It is a little noisy, but that didn't stop Jacque from sleeping.
It is probably like the hum of a vacuum putting a baby to sleep!

They flew into Maryland and then had to purchase tickets to Fl...luckily these were CHEAP.....$59! It becomes way to complicated to get hops when you are on a time schedule. He ended up getting to Tampa at 10PM.....felt like 4AM our time. My Mom picked them up and they are having a great time....just trying to get rid of the jet lag!

Yes, Jacque is riding in the backpack!

Wish we were all there!!!
Love you!!


Proud Mom said...

Glad there is an economical way to fly home. Hope they have a great trip! Love that sweet little sleeping shot!

Jacque said...

I am having fun here but can't wait to get back home to you! Maybe next time we will all try and fly but at the beginning of leave. I love you and can't wait to get home (would be different if you were here). Love ya Babe.