Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just a little creepy....

I posted a while back about a Father's Day cruise we went on back in June. What I didn't post were the creepy pictures that were taken inside the castle that we toured. I'm usually quite skeptical when it comes to shows like Ghost Hunters. However, almost ALL of the pictures we took inside the Burg Reichenstein came out blurry or had some strange squiggly lights darting around in them. We took a lot of pictures this day, 221 to be exact, and the only strange ones were from inside the castle. By the way, this castle was featured on one of the haunted shows...hmmm, maybe they really are on to something.

Take a look at a few pictures for yourself!

We took several of Colton and they were ALL blurry!

Answers to a few questions:
1. Yes, the batteries were fully charged.
2. I was NOT jumping up and down to get this effect.
3. We left our smoke machine at home.
4. The camera's lens is not scratched.

We once took a haunted tour in St. Augustine, Fl where they gave everyone a disposable camera. The idea was to catch something "strange", like fog or streams of light, while we were touring. They also gave everyone a "Ghost Meter" that would start beeping if you were near "something"....I know a little cheesy, but fun at the time! Well, we didn't get anything weird in our pictures...not even from the evening cemetery tour....gasp! St. Augustine was also featured on one of the haunted shows!!

When filming these shows, they should leave their night vision at home and visit these places during the day. They could then walk around without bumping into each other causing a false alarm. There is something about watching them walk around in the green light from the night vision that makes the show seem ridiculous. Someone should also let them in on this little secret....they can speak without whispering! I can confirm we were not even slightly quiet when we got these pictures so sound doesn't seem to be an issue. I may be a believer now....just maybe!
What do you think??


Lisa said...

That's spooky! I definately believe there is something going on in your photos! My kids love that show where the other kids are trying to find ghosts in haunted buildings. It's kinda silly, but maybe they are on to something. They should go check out the place where you took the photos.

The Mom said...

Oh that is spooky! What a fun trip, my kids would love to tour a haunted place. They might be sleeping in my bed for the net year though!

Proud Mom said...

Very mysterious! Now you can cross "see a ghost" off your life-time TO DO list! ;-)