Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Try out this yummy lunch!

I have now made this delicious lunch 2 times for my family and they LOVE it! They were begging for more after the first time so I knew this was a hit. The best part is that this recipe is on the package of smoked tuna!

I took some pictures as I was making it today. I've mentioned before that we have horrible lighting in our house. Well...this is the ONLY light in the kitchen. We do have a large glass door that leads onto our terrace, but it was too early for it to brighten the kitchen at lunch.

This is the light!

See that cord?? That is so we can pull it down closer to the floor...not sure why??

On to more interesting things....the ingredients!

Empty the Hickory Smoked Tuna into bowl.
I had to make 3 batches for all of us.

Add the cheese...

.....green onions

....roasted red peppers

...add some cream cheese and then mix it all up

Warning....don't take your eyes off the flour tortillas or you may see this!

The culprit....

Spread the mixture onto tortilla. I found it easier to use a medium scooper and drop 4 scoops around the tortilla and then use a spreader to spread it around the entire tortilla.

Add another tortilla to the top and crisp on both sides.


There was not even a crumb left!


Proud Mom said...

How did you know I needed help trying to figure out what to make for lunch today? That sound so yummy! (Mike loves tuna!) I don't have any flavored tuna, but I have regular and all the other ingredients on hand so we'll definitely be eating this today!

(PS: Great shots with just one little light! I think that lamp is kind of funky - why do I want to play with it?)

Lisa said...

That light sure does have lots of character! I'll trade you my boring one for it.
Wish my kids liked tuna. That looks yummy!

The Mom said...

My kids love tuna! I have to try this I would love it, forget about them!