Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Does this look familiar?

Any guesses where this is??
Here are a few clues......
1. This place has many themed areas (Italy, France, Switzerland, Greece, Children's World, England, Russia, Adventure Land, Austria, Holland, Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal, and Iceland)
2. We are actually from Florida.
3. My husband and Jacque are in Florida right now visiting family.

Are you thinking EPCOT in Florida?
If would be incorrect!

This is actually EuropaPark and is located in Germany.....many, many miles from Florida!

I know, it sure looks like EPCOT with that big ball....called the EuroStat at this park.

All of the rides have the baby swap option which was great for our family. This was one of the first rides we rode and I was surprised that the entire family was not able to ride. I rode with the kids first and learned why this ride was not little ones! This ride is actually an indoor roller coaster in pitch dark....kind of like Space Mountain at Disney World. Luckily, we all like roller coasters!!!

This park is also similar because of the country themed lands, but there is one BIG difference. EPCOT is designed to be much more educational than the EuropaPark version. This place is packed with awesome rides and is HUGE!!! In fact, you really need two days at the park!

There is my husband waving from Poseidon, one of three flume rides!

This is what everyone was doing while I rode this ride.....
WHY is this so much fun???

Where did they go??

The cars were fun....

The outdoor jungle ride was nice too!

There were ducks galore in the water and they would actually catch rides on the boats. Here is a cute Momma duck with her baby.

I've never seen a single swing like this one!
It was right next to the big swings that the other kids were riding.

The park closed at 6PM....typical for Euro parks. Just before we were leaving the kids went onstage for a KinderDisco. They had a good time, but I think sometimes the songs didn't translate right. At one point they were doing a dance to Sexy Eyes! WHAT???
Regardless, they had a good time!

See the concentration....trying to figure out what to do in German!
It was an exhausting day, but TOTALLY worth it.
We can't wait to go back!!


Jacque said...

I guessed EuropaPark.

Proud Mom said...

I guessed Epcot -- oops! Which park had this first I wonder? What a fun place and it looks like you had a wonderful visit -- those wet and wild shots are a hoot (but I wouldn't be doing that -nothing worse than wet underwear for the rest of the day, I always say!) ;-)

Jennifer said...

So true...and nothings worse than wet shoes too!

Jennifer said...

JC...I don't really think your guess counts because you MAY have had the inside scoop! :) XOXO

Jacque said...


Andrea said...

I haven't been to either place, but I think Europa Park is more feasible.

They have those spray things at Lego Land. the kids love it!