Sunday, July 12, 2009

Clogs, clogs, & more clogs!

Our Netherlands vacation was coming to an end so we packed up and began the journey back to Germany, but had one final stop before we left. We had toured Clara Maria on our Spring Break trip and I knew my husband would love this place! So, we had to stop and it was on the way home...sort of. I mean what kind of trip would this be if we didn't go to a clog and cheese farm???...we're in Holland!!!

This farm has been in the same family for 150 years and it is full of charm! The people are nice and it is truly a country frills, but that is what makes it so cool!

Check out these FUN FACTS ON CLOGS....interesting!

Today, I'm going to share the clog making part of the tour. The clog factory, well small room, has authentic antique machines that are still running. Clogs are made from the wood of poplar or willow trees. So, our tour began with a chunk of wood.

Safety first...put on your goggles!

The chunk of wood must be chopped. The guide picks a child from the tour to be the "helper" and on our first trip Lauren was chosen. Here she is about to help him chop the wood with an axe....I don't think they would give a kid an axe in the states??

This machine will form the outside of the clog.

Closer view of the clog mold....

Then it moves over to this machine which carves out the inside so your foot will fit nicely. Sarah was chosen to be the "helper" when we went the 2nd time....they are lucky girls!

...and closer

.....big stack of clogs covered in sawdust!

They actually had tons, well it looked like it, of sawdust which they save for bedding for the cattle in the winters.

This car was outside...Colton & Jacque had a good time on it over Spring Break!

I said this was a cheese farm too so stay tuned for the yummy details!


The Mom said...

I am going to ask a really dumb question, do people really wear the wooden clogs??

Jennifer said...

Well, I didn't think so until we were in Holland. We did see some people wearing them while we were there and they moved around like they were wearing sneakers or something! We were out of the big cities too so they were mostly farmers. Hard to believe that anyone would want to wear a chunk of wood on their feet???

Proud Mom said...

Amazing process- I guess someone must have watched all that and said "let's use plastic instead' and voila - CROCS! (I did expect that last shot to show your kids wearing clogs though....hee hee)