Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Good food, great sights, and interesting catch!

I've mentioned Volendam quite a few times so I thought it was time to share some pictures from this cute little fishing village. We spent a lot of time here in the evenings!
We enjoyed ice cream from this waterfront shop.

Reasonable prices too!

We found bronze statues all over the town representing the history of the fishing village. There were miniature versions on display at the museum.
Here are a few.....

Any guess as to what this fisherman has in his bucket...besides the can??

Yep....lots of eel of course!

We ate breakfast everyday at our little apartment and packed lunches all but one day. Yes, we packed a weeks worth of meals...a little lighter load on the way home! Eating out is just too expensive for a family of seven so this was a way to conserve money and stay on our budget for the trip. We did plan to eat dinner out a few times at local restaurants just to experience the culture!!

We ate dinner at this restaurant the night we arrived. You can see how they slide the front wall open to make it airy. We were lucky enough to get 2 tables on the front....fantastic seats!!

We ate here for lunch one day.
This is one of the kibbeling meals (cod) we had for lunch.
There was also potato salad hiding under the sauce.
It was VERY good!!

We were in the right place at the right time when one of the fishing boats docked.
The kids were able to go down and see what they had caught.
They were selling their live catch on the spot.

...and what were they catching??? Yes, there is a theme here!
EEL...here is one of the buckets they had for sale!

Don't they look delicious??

These cows were in a field just past where we were staying. They have absolutely nothing to do with a fishing village, but they are quite unusual. We have NEVER seen cows like these. They all had this white stripe around the middle!


Proud Mom said...

I am learning so much about quiet European cities! Love those statues and the focus on eel is amazing! Your fish and chips shot is yummy looking and I have to agree with you those striped cows are funny!

The Mom said...

We have these cows here in Texas! But they are black with a white stripe, we call them OREO cows! The kids love them. These look like Ice cream sandwich cows!

Jennifer said...

I was wondering if they might be in TX! OREO....cute nickname:)