Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Missing flights!

Why is my husband so prone to missing his flights?? I can't tell you how many times this has happened. His flight from Florida was scheduled for this morning. He was there early and everything seemed to be going as planned until he remembered a small little detail.....oh yeah he forgot the passports!!! By the way, the airport is about an hour from where my Mom lives!!! He left and made it back 10 minutes after his flight left. Luckily, he got onto another flight and will hopefully make his next connection to Germany...fingers crossed.

Oh, he also had to throw my Mom's car keys onto the carpet as the doors were closing on the tram that was taking him to his terminal. Yep, he almost left WITH her keys.

All this drama....I can't wait to talk to him!! He is conserving his cell phone because he wasn't able to charge the battery the whole time he was in Fl because of that pesky little 22oV plug!

Another true story.....
My husband was visiting us while we were still living in Florida...I think he was in Alaska at the time. Anyway, I was driving him to the airport and we hit horrible bumper to bumper traffic in Tampa. This was not good...the airport was only like 10 minutes away if we could just drive like normal, but not on this day.

There was still hope that he would catch the flight so I literally just dropped him off at the curb and he took off running to check in. We didn't have cell phones back then so I couldn't call to check on him...so I did what any good wife would do!

I went shopping! The kind of shopping that involves groceries....not the kind I really enjoy. The airport is very close to an AFB so I drove over there to shop at the Commissary.

As I was walking out to my car with my buggy full of groceries I see this guy that looks an awful lot like my husband walking towards us. Yep...it was him. Yep, he missed his flight and took a taxi over to the Commissary and waited there WITH his luggage for me out in the parking lot. We got an extra day together so I think this was more of a reward to miss flights...maybe this is where it all started!

I love you Babe *wink*!


Proud Mom said...

I think zipping around catching planes at the last minute adds to the excitment of life! (My husband always lives on the edge of 'just about missing the plane')

Safe travels!

Jennifer said...

Must be a guy thing :)...although I've always worked best under pressure too!