Thursday, July 16, 2009

Apparently cows are VERY interesting!

While we were at Clara Maria's we spent a lot of time in the barn and I do mean A LOT of a couple of hours!! We had made this one last stop before our long drive home so it wasn't like we had anything better to do than feed cows hay!!

Once we are around animals, I know it is going to be a while because my husband loves animals...not that I don't, but I can drag myself away from them in much less time!

We were waiting for our clog demo to start so we went into the barn. Jacque has developed a fear of animals which my husband just can not relate to so he feels the need to get him used to the animals. So....these milk cows were no exception!

See how brave Jacque was as he reached out and touched the cow while hanging on for his life!!

He finally decided to feed the cows...

....well throw hay in their face as quickly as possible!

The extremely long tongues were funny!

...and he finally could just feed them some yummy hay!

All this was going on as the other kids were playing and feeding the cows. They really had a blast in the barn with a bunch of cows. The simple things are so much fun!

That cow could have been eating Sarah's shirt and she wouldn't have flinched!

....not the case with Lauren.

ALL of the kids had fun swinging on this tire swing. Trust me, they had it SWINGING!!

So this is the end of our trip to the Netherlands! We loaded back up in the Suburban, cow slobber and all, and headed back home.

We are still on vacation though so our next stop has something to do with baths!


Proud Mom said...

What a fun visit! Jacque looks so happy to be visiting that cow (such an adorable smile!) - lucky daddy was there for that initial introduction!

Andrea (ace1028) said...

I'm SO jealous! I LOVE cows. They're too cute, and your kids look like they had a blast. Great shots!