Monday, July 20, 2009

a-MAZE-ing Baths

We visited the ruins of Imperial Baths in Trier which is about 45 minutes from our house. The construction began in 293 AD and covered four city blocks. It is truly an amazing place!

This is in the main hot room.
There are other hot areas and a large cold bath.

You can see how large the wall actually is compared to my favorite people!

After we checked out the grounds and the hot and cold bath areas we headed underground!

Yes, it was creepy down there!

There would have been much more of this and we would have been walking on the sub floor instead. This is a sample of how they heated the baths.

This will give you an idea how massive this basement was. This is just looking down one of the MANY tunnels. The tunnels are narrow and it is dark and wet down here.

This impression was left on the wall by a pair of compasses.
It took us a while to find it...of course it was obvious once we did!!

It started pouring down rain while we were underground so we were stuck down there for a while. I have to say that this added to the creepiness!
You can see how high the water was that we had to walk through in the next tunnel!

A peek out the door as we were waiting to make our escape!

Jacque wouldn't give up his umbrella!

Trier has much more to offer!


Proud Mom said...

Wow -what a cool place to visit! Amazing to think about them building something like that on such a grand scale without modern tools and equipment! Love that shot of the dark tunnels!

Lisa said...

You do some of the most cool things! I want to come and visit for a while!! Great photos. I could almost feel the damp walls.