Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gouda cheese

After our clog making demonstration we moved on to learn how cheese is made. This farm makes Gouda (pronounced "goo-da" by the Dutch) cheese according to Dutch tradition. The cows were a big hit with the kids....and husband, but that is another story. I'm adding some of the pages from a story that Lauren wrote about our Spring Break trip.

First the cows must be milked. They are milked 2 times a day and we were lucky enough to be there at the right time!

Then we learned about all of the ingredients that go into the cheese and how this big round machine or churn works.

It was interesting to learn that the shape of the label determines if the cheese was produced on a farm with non pasteurized milk (this farm) or cheese that is produced in a factory.

Now this was only a sample of the real machine, but right next to us was the REAL kitchen and they were busy making cheese for the shop.

And here is the cheese after it has soaked in a salt bath for 24 hours.

We then walked into the cheese shop/gift shop. There were plenty of samples of pictures because we were too busy chowing down! You have to believe me when I say this cheese is the BEST I've ever had....can't even describe it!

Amazingly, some of this cheese did make it back to our house.....Italian Herb, Farmer's Flame, Garlic, and and course Parmesan. They also send their milk to another farm who also makes cheese, but they add their smoked meat. This stuff is delicious....yes, we brought home one with ham and I actually was able to save it until my husband made it home from Iraq so he could enjoy it too!

Jacque was checking out the cheeses....

Remember the clog tour? Here are a few pictures about the clogs from Lauren's story.

...and those swans??

I knew we had a good time on our trip, but we take for granted the lasting impressions that are left with the kids from the places we visit. These pages were written a few months after our Spring Break trip and before our trip with my husband. The little details that are remembered!

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That cheese is amazing. We have such boring stuff here...